thanks joffrey

What a great message. I wish all characters were this nice. Does anyone know what this is from?

this is Joff Baratheon, from Game of Trones. He’s actually one of the only truly likeable characters in the series - he gets onto the throne way too young but makes a really good go of being a fair and kind ruler. He has a relationship with a girl earlier that’s not this one but due to circumstances that are spoilers, they have to split up and he deal with it in a really mature inspiring way that you don’t get to see much in TV shows these days.  Here he is at his wedding to this new girl, Margaery, and it’s one of the most beautiful episodes of the show so far, actually.

I just got my sponsorship email through from the Lazer Team kickstarter, and I already have an auto-renew sponsorship so I can’t apply it to my account. Does anyone out there in the Rooster Teeth community want a 3 month sponsorship? We don’t ever have to have talked before, just don’t want this to go to waste if there’s anyone out there that would want it! Send me a message!

UPDATE sponsorship has been claimed, hope that if there’s other people out there in my position they’ll consider doing something similar to help out another fan :)